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Battery Build-in

ITEM NO. 2500K4

Battery Build-in with Co2 Type

ITEM NO. 2500K4


pulsating saline lavage, 
pressurized Co2 and suction


Battery Charger 

(for K4-RB) 

  • Fully disposable, Build-in battery powered system for effective irrigation and wound debridement of necrotic tissue. 

  • Using the adequate pressure improves growth of granulation tissue without disrupting underlying normal tissues. 

  • Due to its mobility, low cost and variety of tips, it can be widely used in orthopaedics or, traumatology or, hospital bed side, outpatient clinics, long term care facilities.


  • Built-in battery pack design without additional battery box

  • Ergonomic design comfortable to handle and use

  • Battery pack easy to remove user friendly design

  • Easy attached & released tip accessory

  • Sterile contents, zero infection

  • Tube length 3M

  • 2500 K4-CO2-DPRB
    Not included Battery Pack
    Rechargeable Battery Pack optional

  • 2500 K4-CO2-DP 
    Built-in Disposable Battery Pack

  • K4-RB  
    Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • K4-CH
    Battery Charger (for K4-RB) 

Optional Accessories

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