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Mobile lite


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Mobile lite


  • Adequate lighting is crucial in surgical procedures to maximize efficiency.

  • MOBILE LITE is a non-invasive assistive surgical illuminator.

  • Achieves optimal visual assistance inside deep surgical cavities for different surgical approaches.

  • Eliminates shadows that could disturb the surgeon during surgery.

  • Highly flexible according to the required angles.

  • It features a bright, single LED that provides an intensive light source and consumes less energy for improved facility efficiency.

  • Can be easily attached to an I.V. pole or stand.

  • Perfect for specialties that require focused light in very specific areas, such as Hip Arthroplasty, Laparotomy,
    Tonsillectomy, Dental Procedures, Oropharyngeal examination. Also works as assistive lighting in ambulatory surgery centers.

  • Use in combination with Protective Sleeve to provide a​ sterile barrier in the surgical field.

Protective Sleeve

Sterile barrier covers the Mobile Lite for quick and easy surgical field protection.

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