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Surgical Helmet

1000 / 1000-L / 1000-C

Maximum protection for both surgical personnel and patients within the operating theater. It forms a barrier against microorganisms, bodily fluids, and particulate material, whilst remaining highly functional and efficient. 

Helmet for surgical use

1000 / 1000-L / 1000-C

      The INFECTION REDUCTION Surgical Protection Helmet is an accessory device designed to protect both surgeons and patients from infection during operations.
      The lightweight INFECTION REDUCTION Surgical Protection Helmet forms a barrier against micro-organisms, protecting patients from bacteria dropping from the surgeon and into open wounds. The risk of deep wound infection is reduced as a result.


  • Ventilation to prevent overheating

  • Aerate system with four air flow outlets

  • Low noise levels - no added distractions

  • Lightweight – less than 500g 

  • Comfortable design with adjustable headband

  • Light for maximum vision of the surgical field

  • Compatible with most surgical hoods on the market

  • Simple, user friendly control interface

  • Cost-effective design

  • The model 1000-C can wirelessly monitor and
    record "Surgical View" in real time 

  • ITEM NO. 1000
    Surgical Helmet

  • ITEM NO. 1000-L
    Surgical Helmet+Light

  • ITEM NO. 1000-C
    Surgical Helmet+ WiFi Camera

      Furthermore, the built-in ventilation fan keeps staff cool during critical surgical operations. The aerate system ventilates the device in four separate directions, ensuring maximum air circulation that creates minimum noise. Both the wide visual field and additional adjustable light ensure maximum visibility of the surgical area, allowing surgeons to carry out procedures in a safe and comfortable manner. 
      The INFECTION REDUCTION Surgical Protection Helmet is compatible with most hoods and togas available on the market. The versatile, contemporary design, along with reduced infection risk makes the Surgical Protection Helmet a desirable choice for surgeons and patients alike.

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