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Battery Built-in with Co2 Type

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ITEM NO. 2500K4-DP-C

Co2 Trigger

Pulse Lavage

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Battery Pack can be 
Disposable Type or 
Rechargeable Type

Pulse lavage with

Fully disposable, battery 
powered 3 in 1 system


Battery Built-in with Co2 Type

ITEM NO. 2500K4-DP-C


pulsating saline lavage, 
pressurized Co2 and suction

osron Pulse Lavage

Specifically made for orthopedic arthroplasty bone bed preparation.  
The pulse lavage has the ability to significantly clean and remove debris, whilst simultaneously applying suction. Pressurized CO2 dries cancellous bone after the saline lavage, removing residual fluid and fatty material prior to cement implantation, and therefore diminishing excess fluid between the cement and bone. Increased bone cement penetration also increases implant fixation, thus reducing the arthroplasty revision rate. 

osron Pulse Lavage
osron Pulse Lavage
Pulse Lavage

Before Pressurized CO2 

osron Pulse Lavage

After Pressurized CO2 


  • Built-in battery pack increases mobility

  • Several optional tips to suit different requirements

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to handle and use

  • Removable battery pack for easy disposal 

  • Sterile contents, zero infection

  • 2500 K4-DPRB-C

  • Not included Battery Pack
    Rechargeable Battery Pack optional

  • 2500K4-DP-C
    Built-in Disposable Battery Pack

  • K4-RB  
    Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • K4-CH
    Battery Charger (for K4-RB) 

Optional Accessories

osron Pulse Lavage
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