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Micro Irrigator

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ITEM NO. 2500G

High intensity LED light

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Micro Irrigator

ITEM NO. 2500G

Needleless, continuous, low-pressure 

wound irrigation removes dirt, infectious

microorganisms, wound exudates,  and deeper debris, assisting visual examination.

With proper pressure, stimulates granulation tissue formation without damaging wound bed and prevent driving bacteria deeper to the wound.
A steady pressurized flow minimize trauma and optimize wound healing.
Unlike wound swabbing that can cause damage to healthy granulation tissue.

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  • No risk of needle-stick injury

  • Constant pressure

  • Continuous irrigation without interruption

  • Different flow speed to suit different requirements

  • Light incorporated to help visualize wound site

  • Environmentally friendly rechargeable battery

Pulse Lavage
Pulse Lavage

Optional Accessories

Pulse Lavage
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