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Minimally Invasive Surgeries

ITEM NO. 2500 SP1 / SG1

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Suction / Irrigation System

2500 SP1-DP (Palm)

2500 SG1-DP (Gun)

For laparoscopic instruments

2500 ADG

AC Adaptor

osron Pulse Lavage

Surgical irrigation units

ITEM NO. 2500 SP1 / SG1

Controlled irrigation and suction in Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic surgeries. Increases vision by washing
out blood and tissue debris.

Also suitable for fluid and smoke evacuation, peritoneal lavage, hydrodissolution of blood clots,
hydrodissection, division of tissue planes and spaces.


  • Changeable Probe Tips

  • Incorporated Motor

  • Battery and AC Powered Options

  • Ergonomic, lightweight plastic housing

  • Sterilized packaging / ready to use

osron Pulse Lavage


  • 5 mm Standard Distal Holes Probe Tip

  • 5 mm Long Distal Holes Probe Tip

  • 10 mm Standard Distal Holes Probe Tip

  • 10 mm Long Distal Holes Probe Tip

  • Stryker Probe Adaptor

  • 3 Way Spike Adaptor

  • 2500 SP1-DP (Built-in Battery Pack)

  • 2500 SG1-DP (Built-in Battery Pack)

  • 2500 SP1-AC (AC Adaptor model)

  • 2500 SG1-AC (AC Adaptor model )

2500 SG1-AC (Gun)

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