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Power Syringer
REF# 5000-11

Reusable Syringe Gun

REF# 5000-13

Disposable Syringe Gun
REF# 5000-15



Syringe Mixer is a vacuum mixing and application device for or thop edic cement. Syringe Mixer includes basic, easy to use design capable of mixing and delivering cements of varying viscosities . Offers good advantages to surgeons and surgical staff.


  • Easy to assembly and use

  • Hermetic cartridge during mixing

  • With vacuum tube reducing bad smell and air bubbles

  • Mixer & Injection gun are disposable, zero infection

  • Injection Gun kit include changeable transfer adaptor compatible most mixing body

Syringe Mixer kit includes

  • Mixing Body

  • Body Stand

  • Body cap

  • Mixing rod

  • Vacuum suction tube

  • Air filter

  • Funnel

syringe mixer.png

Syringe Mixer & Powered Delivery System

It is a bone cement vacuum mixer combined with an effortless powered delivery system. The vacuum mixing procedure reduces bone cement porosity and its distinctive odor. Bone cement can be delivered with precision just by pressing a button. This ergonomic and easy to use design assists orthopedic surgeons to carry out the procedure with great facility.

Option & Accessories

6-04 Syringe Mixer Kit (1.jpg

Ampoule Breaker

6-04 Syringe Mixer Kit (3.jpg

Flat Nozzle of Extrusion Tip

syringe mixer.png

Reusable Syringe Gun (Metal)

6-04 Syringe Mixer Kit (2.jpg

Ampoule Filter

Vacuum foot switch-3.png

Vacuum foot pump

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