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Wipers Warmer

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TM16 | TM24

Medical Warmer



Wipers Warmer

​ITEM NO. TM16 | TM24

Wipers Warmers are equipped with status indicators that are designed to provide information on the heating status of the packages in the unit. 
The status indicators are activated when a package is placed in a slot within the warmer.

  • Capacity --- 16 / 24 individual packages

  • Power Source --- 220V-240 V AC 50/60 Hz  / 110 V AC 60Hz 

  • Operation Controller --- Digital Micro processor with control software

  • Display --- LED status indicator for temperature and towel packages

  • Overheating Protection Mechanism

  • Heating System --- High-Efficiency AC heater

  • Adjustable Temperature Range --- 37°C - 50°C (100°F - 135°F)

  • Suitable for Continuous Operation

  • Meet with UL/IEC 61010-2-010 safety requirements 

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Medical Warmer
Medical Warmer
Medical Warmer

LED Status:


Green – Heated

Packs have reached the required

temperature and are ready to use .


Flash Green – Use First

Pack has been in the warmer for

60 hours and should be used first.


Red – Heating

Packs have not yet reached the required


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