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Battery Build-in Type

ITEM NO. 2500 K1 Series

Battery Build-in Type

ITEM NO. 2500 K1 Series

  • Fully disposable, Build-in battery powered system for effective irrigation and wound debridement of necrotic tissue.

  • Using the adequate pressure improves growth of granulation tissue without disrupting underlying normal tissues. 

  • Due to its mobility, low cost and variety of tips, it can be widely used in orthopaedics or, traumatology or, hospital bed side, outpatient clinics, long term care facilities.

Without LED

With LED



  • Built-in battery pack design without additional battery box

  • Battery pack easy to remove user friendly design 

  • Easy attached & released tip accessory

  • Full sterilized package, zero infection

  • Finding more details for tissue appearance of granulation, epithelialization, necrotic.

  • Chocking specified wound appearance of the size, depth, color, volume, exudate type.

  • Detecting the active bleeding foreign body.  

  • 25­00 K1-DP 
    Built-in battery pack 

  • 2500 K1-DPL 
    Built-in battery pack & LED 

  • 2500 K1-ARC 
    Suitable AC power adaptor or Rechargeable battery pack

  • 2500 K1-ARCL 
    Suitable AC power adaptor or 
    Rechargeable battery pack & LED light

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