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Kaiser Technology Co., Ltd.  is a world-exclusive manufacturer of disposable orthopedic surgical products, including: 

  • Surgical instruments and equipment (power tools, micro tools, drillers, saws)

  • Surgical accessories (pulse lavage, Lite Stic, bone cement mixers)

  • Diagnosis and physical examination equipment

  • Orthopedic nursing and rehabilitation

Kaiser Taichung
Kaiser-Dong Guan Plant
Kaiser Orthopedic Power Tools
Orthopedic Power Tools
Surgical Protection System
Kaiser Pulse Lavage 
Pulse Lavage 
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Bone Cement Mixer
Kaiser Minimally Invasive Surgeries
Minimally Invasive Surgeries
Temperature Management
Medical Light
Nursing & Accessory
Medical Camera




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Kaiser Technology co., Ltd

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Kaiser Medical Technology Ltd.

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